P1C: Coffey y-DNA Project: Help and Advice


My name is Fred Coffey, and you can contact me at FredCoffey@aol.com. I am the Administrator and the “web master” of the Coffey y-DNA Project.


We have about 100 y-DNA tested members in something like 30 groups, and it can be overwhelming for a newcomer to decide where he might fit in, what test to order, etc. If you are considering a test, or sponsoring a participant, I will be pleased to try to answer any questions you might have. (Be aware the actual test participants must be male, and (usually) should have the Coffey or Coffee surname.)


Send me a note and tell me a bit about yourself, and some of what you know about your family. If possible, give me your Coffey-male line as far back as you know it, including birth dates, birth locations, and marriages.


I have been working with many genetically distinct Coffey lines, and I have access to a lot of information resources. There is a fair chance I can find references to your line, and can help you focus and get started.