Name:                     George EARLYWINE


Birth:                      abt 1766?                 PA?

Death:                     30 Jul 1825              Nicholas Co., KY

Father:                     Johann Adam ERLEWEIN (1727-)

Mother:                   Anna Margretha

Family Line:

Andreas ERLEWYN (abt 1710 - 1744) & Ann (abt 1710 - )

    Johann Adam ERLEWEIN (1727 - ) & Anna Margretha

        George EARLYWINE (abt 1766/1745 - 30 Jul 1825) & Mary TRIGG (abt 1760/65 - Aug 1834)

            Elizabeth EARLYWINE (19 May 1803 - 5 May 1865) & Jacob MANN (11 Oct 1796 - 2 Dec 1871)

                Elizabeth Ellen MANN (21 Mar 1836 - 14 Dec 1906) & George Washington MACHLAN (1832 - 1912)

                    Joshua Newton MACHLAN* (17 Oct 1859 - 8 May 1936) & Mary Ellen ARNEY (1861 -  1935)

                        Linnie Ellen MACHLAN* (30 Sep 1884 - 7 May 1974) & Everett Elmer WALKER (1882 - 1948)

                            Elsie Maureen WALKER (1903 - 1983) & Leo Newton COFFEY (1901 - 1998)

Misc. Notes

AGES: Census information suggests that the ages I have for this family have significant logical inconsistencies.  If you combine data from the 1810, 1820 and 1830 census, it suggests that George must have been born between 1766 and 1775, and that wife Mary must have been born between 1760 and 1765. Further, I think their youngest son was born in about 1805, not 1825 as some show (one site says he was married in 1830, so "1805" fits everything much better!


The above birth range for George of “1766-1775” causes concerns about military service, suggesting that if he was in the military, he must have been born closer to 1766? Also a date as late as “1775” would be awkward for his marriage in 1787?


History of Nicholas County, complied and edited by Joan Weissinger Conley 1976 and states on page 214 (NOTES ABOUT GEORGE AND HIS BROTHER DANIEL):


DANIEL EARLYWINE was born in PA.  He enlisted in the 13th VA Regiment of Foot about 1777 for the duration of the War.  In 1778 he was with George Washington at Valley Forge and in 1779 was at Fort Pitt.  around 1785 he and his brother George came to KY and settled in that part that later became Nicholas County.  He married Mary Fight in Bourbon County July 24, 1786.  His children were: Phoeba, Susannah, Elizabeth, Daniel Jr, Rebecca, George, Nancy, Jesse, Christina and Mahala.


GEORGE EARLYWINE was born in PA and served in the PA Militia during the Revolutionary War.  After the war he came to KY and married Mary Snap (my input...she was a Trigg who had first married a Snapp), widow of George Snap, Feb 17,1787 in Bourbon County.  The family lived in Nicholas County, until 1825-30.  At this time they sold their property and moved to Indiana.  His children were William, Jacob, Daniel, Sallie, Elizabeth, James and John.


Memo by Fred Coffey: I can find other sources that show Daniel Earlywine military service. However I cannot verify anything for George.


From "Bourbon County, KY Marriage Bonds", George witnessed the marriage of John Adkins to Elizabeth Stockwell on March 21, 1789. In the "Kentucky Gazeteer" Volume V, Number XLI, June 23, 1792 is a short article that reads: "George Earliwine, 15 February 1792, found a mare in Bourbon County near Summit Station." Bourbon County is just N.E. of Lexington, KY. George bought 100 acres from John Cook on March 8, 1799 for 30 pounds. Recorded in book E page 145 at Paris, KY Courthouse. Served in Pennsylvania militia.

Paid taxes in Nicholas Co., KY in 1800 per AIS Census Report pg. 154. Summit Station was a settlement in Nicholas Co. 12 mi. from Lower Blue Licks. See Pennsylvania Archives 6th series Vol. 2, pg. 30.


The marriage of George Earlywine and Mary Shipp on 19 Feb 1787 is recorded in the Bourbon County, Kentucky Marriage Records. (“Shipp” may be a misspelling of “Snapp”?) Note that Mary’s maiden name was “Trigg”, but she was previously married to a “Snapp”.) (Note also Mary had two children by her first marriage, George Snapp Jr. born in 1780, and Susannah in 1786.)



George Earlywine appears as paying taxes in all years. He does not own slaves in any of these years. His brother Daniel also appears in all years. His son Jacob first appears in 1808, when he becomes of age.



George “Earlewine” is found, age 26-44, with wife age 45+. Children are a male under age 10, a male 16-25, a female under age 10 (that would have to be Elizabeth), two females 10-15, and one female 16-25. I suspect the household includes their son Daniel, and his wife?


Their son Jacob is found in the same census for Nicholas County. Household consists only of him and his wife, both age 16-25. Kentucky marriage records say Jacob married Heziah Dotson on 25 Jan 1810.



George Earlywine found, he and his wife are over age 45 and they have one female child age 16-26 living at home. (Since Elizabeth got married in 1818, that child would presumably be Sarah.)


They appear to be living next door to a William Earlywine, who is of the right age to be their son. George does not own slaves, but son William owns four. Also on same census page is Jacob Mann, our ancestor, who married George’s daughter Elizabeth.


The next page also has interesting people. There is a “Mary Earlywine”, who I think is the widow of George’s brother Daniel? Also George’s sons Jacob Earlywine and Daniel Earlywine are on the page, living near their half-brother George Snap. There are two additional “Snap” cousins, Daniel and Samuel, on the page.



George is of course dead, but wife Mary Earlywine is found in the census. She lives alone, and is age 60-70. However she lives next door to son William Earlywine and his family. There is also an adjacent David Earlywine, but I don't know how he fits into the family. Son Daniel is a couple of pages over. None of these people own slaves.

Jacob Mann (married George’s daughter Elizabeth) is in same census. (Son Jacob has already moved to Rush County, IN. Daughter Elizabeth and husband Jacob Mann will soon follow.)


Marriage:                 19 Feb 1787             Bourbon Co., KY

Spouse:                   Mary TRIGG

Birth:                      abt 1750? 1775?        KY, PA, or VA

Death:                     Aug 1834                 IN

Other spouses:          Johann George SNAPP



One source reports that first husband Johann George Snapp was killed by Indians at “George Summit’s Station”, Nicholas County, KY in 1785, and that he left two children, George Jr. and Susanna. Susanna was age 2 when father was killed. (Reported as taken from a Nicholas Co., KY, history book published in 1976).Mary had two children by her first husband, Johann George SNAPP. They were George Snapp Jr. born 18 Feb 1780, and Susannah born 24 Jan 1786, who married James Hillock.



George EARLYWINE (abt 1745? - 30 Jul 1825) & Mary TRIGG (abt 1750 - Aug 1834)

    Jacob EARLYWINE (abt 1788 - 3 May 1834)

    Daniel EARLYWINE (1795 - )

    Sarah “Sallie” EARLYWINE (13 Apr 1798 - 20 Apr 1869)

    William EARLYWINE (1801 - )

    Elizabeth EARLYWINE (19 May 1803 - 5 May 1865) & Jacob MANN (11 Oct 1796 - 2 Dec 1871)

    John Snapp EARLYWINE (1805 - )


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