Name:                     Edward SMITHWICK


Birth:                      1649                       Virginia

Death:                     1716                       Kisiah, Chowan, NC

Father:                     Hugh SMITHWICK (1619-1674)

Mother:                   Elizabeth


Hugh SMITHWICK (1619 - 1674) & Elizabeth

    Edward SMITHWICK* (1649 - 1716) & Africa JONES (1674 - 1703)

        Sarah SMITHWICK (abt 1700 - ) & John STANSELL (1700 - 1750)

            Elizabeth STANSELL (abt 1725 - ) & Peter BARBRE (abt 1724 - 1770)

                Jesse BARBRE (abt 1755 - abt 1804) & Gracey ?

                    Jesse B. BARBRE Jr. (11 Aug 1777 - 17 Dec 1832) & Sarah STANSELL (Sep 1772 - Jan 1841)

                        Jesse BARBRE III (25 Aug 1814 - 4 Apr 1870) & Susan WEEKS (24 Apr 1818 - 11 Jan 1872)

                            Malcena BARBRE (28 Mar 1855 - 12 May 1920) & William COFFEY (1848 - 1896)

                                Newton COFFEY (23 Sep 1875 - 26 May 1969) & Adelia Gertrude ROBINSON (1878 - 1973)

                                    Leo Newton COFFEY (1901 - 1998) & Elsie Maureen WALKER (1903 - 1983)



There is doubt that this person is actually an ancestor, because it depends on whether his descendant Elizabeth STANSELL, wife of Peter BARBRE, was Peter's first wife and the mother of Peter's son Jesse BARBRE. See discussion with file on Peter BARBRE.


Misc. Notes offers the following:


2. Edward2 Smithwick (Hugh1)(15) was born in Upper Norfolk Co, Virgina circa 1649.(16) Edward died circa 1716 in Edenton, Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(17)


He married three times. He married Elizabeth ( ) circa 1672 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(18) Elizabeth was born circa 1650. Elizabeth died circa 1690 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina. Nothing is known about Elizabeth's maiden name.


He married Africa ( ) circa 1694 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(19) Africa died circa 1703. He married Sarah ( ) circa 1703 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(20) Sarah died before 1709 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina. Edward Smithwick was a very prominent man of his time. Gracy, Johnston and Bennett in their books devote several pages to Edward. Bennett's discussion in particular is excellent.


Edward was married three times but records indicating the maiden names of these wives have not been found. Africa is presumed by many researchers to be the mother of all of Edwards children.


During the 1670's and 1680's when Edward was in his twenties and thirties, what government there was in the Carolina Colony and the Chowan Precinct area was either illegitimate, corrupt, being rebelled against or suffering under tyrannical rule. As a result there are few records during this period as most were destroyed. In fact, Edward spent considerable effort in the 1680's to 1700's filing claims with the courts to regain lands that were due him from his father's estate as well as reclaiming headrights and patents for his step-children, nephews and in-laws. For example Hugh Smithwick died in 1674 however, his will was not probated at that time. Possibly because John Jenkins whose commission as Acting Governor had expired in 1675 and Thomas Eastchurch who was elected Speaker, had Jenkins imprisoned because he continued to govern. By 1677, Eastchurch and cohort, Thomas Miller had gone to England were Eastchurch was appointed governor and Miller appointed Secretary. However, Eastchurch was delayed in returning and Miller illegally assumed the power of governor in July 1677 before Eastchurch returned. Miller's conduct of government contributed to "Culpeper's Rebellion" where Miller was imprisoned and John Culpeper and George Durant also illegally took over the government. Eastchurch died before he could return. It wasn't until July, 1679 until a commission arrived appointing John Harvey as Acting Governor that a government was reestablished. Apparently many inhabitants let their legal business wait during this period until these issues were resolved. It was during the rebellion that colonists seized and destroyed government records and papers of officials. [Bennett, Smithwick Genealogy]


It is not know what part, Edward Smithwick played in "Culpeper's Rebellion" of 1677-79. Culpeper's Rebellion was one of the first uprisings in the American Colonies. It was caused by enforcement of the navigation acts which forced the Carolina colonists to market their tobacco only thru New England shippers and the payment of heavy duties. The colonists wanted to ship directly to England or to other markets of their choosing. About 4000 settlers in the Albemarle colony, through their leaders John Culpeper and George Durant rebelled. They took over the government, established courts, appointed judges and convened an assembly. Culpeper was governor for two years and then went to England to seek settlement of the matter. Culpeper was arrested in England, tried and acquited. The matter ended without bloodshed.


In early 1680, Edward Smithwick came into court to probate his Father's will which had been lost or destroyed years earlier. On 1 April 1680 he received letters of administration of his fathers estate. It was not until 1683 that the estate was settled. However, here again land records were destroyed by Seth Sothel, one of the Lords Proprietors, who took over as governor from 1682 to 1689 when he was banished from the colony. [Bennett, Smithwick Genealogy]

On 30 June 1680 Edward was arrested and imprisoned on charges trumped up by Robert Holden who had assumed control of the colony. On July 2, Holden himself was arrested and four days later, Edward was afforded bail and went home. However, on 12 September 1680, Edward was again arrested without warrant likely by Holden's direction and held in confinement for about 2 months until he was released because a grand jury could not return a true bill. [Bennett, Smithwick Genealogy]


Edward increased his land holdings by inheritance, grant, purchase and transporting individuals into the Carolinas for which he received 50 acres for each. However, due to the lack of records no very clear account of his land ownership can be determined. By the time of his death he ultimately owned in excess of four thousand acres in the Cashie Neck area of present day Bertie County.


He was named surveyor in 1682, served as a juror and as a commissioner in local courts. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1703 and again in 1711 and 1712. In fact, he was likely a practicing attorney as he was entitled to be referred to or addressed as Mr. Edward Smithwick or Edward Smithwick, Esquire.


He was present at the organization of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct in 1701. He served on its vestry for many years and gave the land for the first church building. This is the first church building in North Carolina. His name is inscribed on a marble plaque in the rear wall of the sanctuary of the present-day St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Edenton, North Carolina.


Edward signed his will on 21 January 1715 and it was proved in the 1716 October court.


Edward Smithwick and Elizabeth ( ) had the following children:


 8 i. Edward3 Smithwick(21) was born in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina circa 1675. Edward died circa 1719 in Edenton, Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(22) He married Grace ( ).(23)


 + 9 ii. John Smithwick was born circa 1677.


 10 iii. Elizabeth Smithwick(24) was born in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina circa 1678. She married Martin Griffin circa 1700 in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.(25)


 11 iv. Sarah Smithwick(26) was born in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina circa 1679.


 12 v. (Dau.) Smithwick(27) was born in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina circa 1680. She married ( ) Smith.(28)


 13 vi. Susannah Smithwick(29) was born in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina circa 1682. She married William Charlton.(30)


 14 vii. Edmund Smithwick(31) was born in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina circa 1684. Edmund died circa 1774 in Martin Co., North Carolina.(32) Edmund moved into Bertie County in the area of Cashie's neck in the early 1720's. His name appears on several deeds in that area. He also likely lived on the south side of the Roanoke River in the area of Smithwick Creek in present day Martin County, North Carolina. The name of his wife is unknown. In his will dated 11 May 1772 in Martin County, he indicated his sons as Edmondson Edmond, John, Samuel, Edmondson John and daughters as Hannah Jordon, Mary Carkeet and Africa Blount.


 15 viii. Samuel Smithwick(33) was born in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina circa 1685. He married Mary ( ) circa 1720 in Chowan Co., North Carolina.(34) Samuel moved into the area of Cashie Neck in Bertie County after the death of his father. His name appears on a number of deeds and other instruments, often with his brother Edmund. He likely had a family and died in Bertie County after 1750.


VESTRY MINUTES (Extracted by Fred Coffey):

The Vestry Minutes of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Co., NC, 1701-1776, are available in Houston Clayton Library. Edward is active in the early years, including donating one acre of land for the church and helping oversee construction.


The first church appears to have been 25 feet long, and cost 25 pounds payment to the builder plus 6 pounds for windows, tables and benches. When built they objected to the quality of the ceiling, but finally accepted it in 1702, subject to white washing.


In 1708 they decided this church was too small, badly located, and with poor workmanship. They decided to rebuild, going for a church 40' long and 24' wide.


"At a Vestry met at the Church on the North Shore of the Sound in Chowan Janry. Ye 3d 1714/15. Item that at the Request of Mr. Edward SMITHWICK to be dismissed by Reason of his Age and Infirmity, He be and is hereby dismist from being a Vestryman."



1:                           Elizabeth-Lydia SHEARING

Birth:                      abt 1658

Death:                     bef 1694

Marriage:                 abt 1680


Edward SMITHWICK (1649 - 1716) & Elizabeth-Lydia SHEARING (abt 1658 - bef 1694)

    Elizabeth SMITHWICK (abt 1680 - ) & Martin GRIFFIN

    Asia SMITHWICK (1682 - ) & Daniel SMITH

    Samuel SMITHWICK (1684 - abt 1770) & Mary WARREN



2:                           Africa JONES

Birth:                      1674                       North Carolina

Death:                     1703

Marriage:                 1694


Misc Notes:

Africa JONES was apparently married to David JONES. This suggests her maiden name was NOT “Jones”?


“Edward Smithwick (1649-1715\6) was married before 1680 to Elizabeth-Lydia Shearing.  After her death, he married Africa Jones , the widow of David Jones, who died  in 1703.  His third wife was Sarah Philpot Woolard Gillam.”


Edward SMITHWICK (1649 - 1716) & Africa JONES (1674 - 1703)

    Edward SMITHWICK Jr. (1696 - 25 Mar 1719) & Grace HOBSON

    John SMITHWICK (1698 - 1762) & Elizabeth

    Sarah SMITHWICK (abt 1700 - ) & John STANSELL (1700 - 1750)

    Edmund SMITHWICK (1699 - 1774) & Hannah


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