Name:                     Hugh SMITHWICK


Birth:                      1619

Death:                     1674


Hugh SMITHWICK (1619 - 1674) & Elizabeth

    Edward SMITHWICK* (1649 - 1716) & Africa JONES (1674 - 1703)

        Sarah SMITHWICK (abt 1700 - ) & John STANSELL (1700 - 1750)

            Elizabeth STANSELL (abt 1725 - ) & Peter BARBRE (abt 1724 - 1770)

                Jesse BARBRE (abt 1755 - abt 1804) & Gracey ?

                    Jesse B. BARBRE Jr. (11 Aug 1777 - 17 Dec 1832) & Sarah STANSELL (Sep 1772 - Jan 1841)

                        Jesse BARBRE III (25 Aug 1814 - 4 Apr 1870) & Susan WEEKS (24 Apr 1818 - 11 Jan 1872)

                            Malcena BARBRE (28 Mar 1855 - 12 May 1920) & William COFFEY (1848 - 1896)

                                Newton COFFEY (23 Sep 1875 - 26 May 1969) & Adelia Gertrude ROBINSON (1878 - 1973)

                                    Leo Newton COFFEY (1901 - 1998) & Elsie Maureen WALKER (1903 - 1983)



There is doubt that this person is actually an ancestor, because it depends on whether his descendant Elizabeth STANSELL, wife of Peter BARBRE, was Peter's first wife and the mother of Peter's son Jesse BARBRE. See discussion with file on Peter BARBRE.


Misc. Notes


1. Hugh1 Smithwick was born in England circa 1620.(1) Hugh died before 1674 in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina.


He married Elizabeth ( ) circa 1645 in Nansemond Co, Virgina.(2) Elizabeth was born circa 1620. Elizabeth died after 1669 in Shaftesbury Pct., Albemarle Co., North Carolina. Hugh Smithwick is the immigrant ancestor to America of this family. Alice Duggan Gracy in her book Thomas Hinds Duggan, Descendant and Ancestor , and Coy J. Johnston in his book Thomas Hooks, 1730-1803, His Antecedents and Descendents, and Allied Families of Harrison, Duggan and Smithwick and William Doub Bennett's 1995 section entitled "Smithwick Genealogy" in the book Hugh Smithwick Descendants published by the Martin County (North Carolina) Historical Society have searched the available records and cited them in their works. The reader is advised to read those works for information or proof beyond what is described below.


Hugh Smithwick"likely arrived in Virginia in early 1642, being one of fifteen men brought over by William Eyres, who received for their transportation into the Colony "750 Acs. Up. Norf. Co., May 23, 1642 ...Upon an arm of the W. br. of Nansemond River, adj. John Garrett." Upper Norfolk County became Nansemond County and is so known today; it borders northeastern North Carolina." [Gracy, Thomas Hinds Duggan p. 151]


By 1669, Hugh and his family moved into North Carolina to an area bordering the northern part of present day Edenton. A petition, made by his sons, Edward and John, in 1694 "stated their father Hugh Smithwick came into this country (Albemarle) about 35 years since..." [Gracy, Thomas Hinds Duggan, p. 152]


Virginia planters in pursuit of rich land on which to grow tobacco began moving into the northeastern area of what is now North Carolina in the 1650's. By 1663 these early settlers had attracted attention in England. A group of English courtiers thought that they saw in the region an opportunity to colonize the country and thereby acquire power and wealth. They sought a grant from the King. King Charles II of England complied by issuing a charter to the eight Lords Proprietors in 1663 by which he created the Carolinas. Hugh Smithwick was thus one of the early permanent white settlers in the Carolina's.


Hugh Smithwick died circa 1674, testate, but his will was lost. In that year, 1674, at a court held in Shaftesbury Precinct this order was entered:


"Ordered that Mr. Hugh Smithwick's will be proved in Shaftesbury Precinct with all convenient speed..."




"Att the Corte held for ye Precinct of Shaftesbury the first day of April 1680 Att Edward Smithwick house, present Mr. Thos. Cullen, Judge, Mr. Joseph Chew, Mr. Joseph Gilbert, Commissioners. It is ordered that Edward Smithwick have letters of administration upon the estate of his father Hugh Smithwick Decd." (Edward Smithwick having testified that the will had been lost.) [Johnston, Thomas Hooks p. 122]


Hugh Smithwick and Elizabeth ( ) had the following children:


 + 2 i. Edward2 Smithwick was born circa 1649. (and others)





Spouse:                   Elizabeth



Hugh SMITHWICK (1619 - 1674) & Elizabeth

    Hugh SMITHWICK (1645 - Abt 1669/1674)

    Robert SMITHWICK (1647 - Abt 1669/1675)

    Edward SMITHWICK* (1649 - 1716) & Africa JONES (1674 - 1703)

    Edward SMITHWICK* (1649 - 1716) & Elizabeth (abt 1658 - )

    Elizabeth SMITHWICK (1651 - ) & Robert WARBURTON

    Mary SMITHWICK (abt 1669 - ) & Thomas GREGORY

    John SMITHWICK (abt 1669 - ) & Hannah KENT



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